The Adventures of Bella & Ruby are based on the author's two adorable French Bulldogs. Deana Cook created her first book, Why is Ruby Barking? to open dialogue around anxiety for little ones. Ruby, like so many other dogs and children in this world, has episodes where she does not feel comfortable in her setting, and she tends to act out. Throughout her child-friendly story, Cook explores Ruby's anxiety and showcases ways to address it.

“Why is Ruby Barking?”

Bella and Ruby are two French Bulldog sisters that are not the same at all. Bella is a social butterfly, but other dogs make Ruby nervous.

Follow along on this journey through feelings of anxiety and comfort.

Written by Deana Cook, a Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of healthcare experience.

Illustrated by the wonderfully talented Ed Rosas.


I belong to Bella & Ruby

I am Deana Cook MSN, ANP-BC. I, along with my partner Paige, belong to Bella and Ruby. We live and love in Franklin, Tennessee.

My healthcare journey started in high school volunteering as a candy striper at the hospital where my father was a radiologist. After nursing school, I worked in an Internal Medicine practice for several years before returning to school to get my Masters Degree in nursing and becoming a board-certified Nurse Practitioner. I worked in oncology for 12 years and have since changed my focus to health promotion and disease prevention.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of The Adventures of Bella & Ruby Series is to spark joy while also teaching valuable life lessons to children and their caretakers.

Each book will include beautiful and engaging illustrations coupled with applicable and easy-to-understand lessons for caretakers to discuss with the children in their life.

Our Vision

Our Vision

The vision of The Adventures of Bella & Ruby Series is to help our readers feel connected to the stars of this series while also seeing a bit of themselves in each story.

  • Had the pleasure of getting a digital copy of Deana Cook’s new children's book, Why is Ruby Barking? from her series "The Adventures of Bella and Ruby". The book discusses Ruby's anxiety in a kid (and dog) friendly way.

    My three kids and I loved it. Short, fun, cute read. Kept my kids’ attention and drew conversations regarding anxiety and how we can help friends that may experience it.


    Lizz K

    Mother of 3 Kids, Tampa

  • A thoughtful story about understanding and supporting loved ones who are dealing with anxiety. A lovely way to teach children about anxiety!


    Dr. Jaysree Roberts

    Clinical Child Psychologist

  • This book leaves you feeling so good!!! After reading this book I feel less anxious and alone!!! Kids will understand that it's ok to have anxiety but that they are not alone in those feelings!! And talking about it with friends and family will make them feel better!! PLUS it's ADORABLE!! Who doesn't love these incredible Frenchies… Bella and Ruby;)



    Get JelliFit, Franklin TN

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